Thursday, July 01, 2004

Letters from Mothers - The pain is so deep and unbelievably inspiring

“To whom it may concern:

It was so nice Erev Shabbos Chanukah for your box to come filled with nice things for Chanukah. I feel so alone right now. The same year my husband passed away, a few years ago, I had to deal with other major losses as well. Boruch Hashem I was able to keep my house…

…I have recently taken into my basement a divorced mother with 3 young girls. She is recovering from major surgery and was left penniless. She came to my house 1 1/2 weeks ago and she's been by me since - living in my basement on a mattress and her three girls on cots on the floor. She literally has no money to live day by day. She's looking for a job but due to her health can't work full time. I myself am widowed for 7 years and have 5 kids who have also had enough chaos in their lives.

…No one has offered to take them to shul, to play with them or anything. The pain is so deep and I pray for Hashem to open our eyes. Maybe this is the time for people to put down a sefer and do a chesed - a different type of chesed shel emes.

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…This mother has suffered enough with divorce and illness - she doesn’t belong in a basement on a mattress. I did buy more blankets and I have a heater but I'm afraid to leave it on all night - fire safety, so I only leave it on for a few hours before bedtime. When the temperature dips into the 20's outside then it's freezing in the basement.
All you can do for her will be appreciated. Thanks for all you do and most of all for listening. Thanks for the chizuk. We need it. She'll send out her application today to you with references.”
— Chavi N.

Editors note* : Boruch Hashem with the help from some very generous people we were able to find for this mother and her three young children an apartment, have her first year rent covered, and buy her all the household items she might need.

“Dear MARCH,
Thank you so much for your monthly chizzuk newsletter. It is just so unbelievably inspiring. I just can’t even begin to believe that someone is really actually there for me month after month sending me these really good and lovely chizzuk letters and packages. This Chanukah package was really a hit, filled with so much love and goodies. May Hashem bless you with all the good to you and to your families. May you see much nachas from your children and your family. I love you all. Thank you and a freilichen Chanukah!”
— Shani S.

“(From the Director of a social services agency),
Wishing you and your families a freilichen Chanukah. You have no idea how much your work means to so many. Continued hatzlocha!”


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