Thursday, July 01, 2004

Letters from Mothers - Caring, A Balm, Persevere and Persist, and Scraping Bottom

Dear M.A.R.C.H.
I can’t express with words nor by writing, the great feeling and the profound difference your chizuk letters and of course your beautiful gift and last but not least the check, that came in so handy just in time when I so desperately needed to take care of some important errands. The thought and feeling of someone caring for me out there after going through a very difficult life, is indescribable. …May G-d bless you with much strength to enlighten the hearts of those who so desperately need you.” — Miriam L.

Dear Committee,
…Your monthly financial help and caring newsletters have made such a difference to me. Your Ahavas Yisroel is truly a balm and heals me. May Hashem reward all of you with many blessings!!!” — Goldie K.

To the dedicated people working for Mothers Alone Raising Children:
A few months ago, I mailed in a paper with just my name and my son’s name and age, my address and the names and phone numbers of two references. I did not expect to be helped so quickly and fully. When I state fully, I do not only refer to the financial assistance you so graciously provide for my son and myself. I am also extremely grateful for the Chizuk and Hashpa’ah Tovah that always comes with the check, and like the check, always comes when I need it the most. I have saved every Chizuk newsletter I have received from you and constantly read them when I feel the need for a gentle pick-me-up, for reassurance that someone out there cares about me without knowing who I am or where I’m coming from. I read them to be encouraged to persevere and persist in my being a full time single mother and a full time teacher. The successes I have are largely due to the Chizuk and care, which come monthly from the Mothers Alone Raising Children FINANCIAL, SPIRTUAL AND EMOTIONAL FUND. Thank you so very much.”
— Yocheved S.

To Dear Friends and Supporters (Even though you don’t know me):
Although my time is severely limited and my health is not great, it is for these reasons and not chas vesholom for lack of Hakoras Hatov (thanks and appreciation) to all of you unnamed malachim (angels) – yes indeed you people behind MARCH can be no less for the outstanding, kind and compassionate work you do. …Until I saw your ad in the Jewish Press I was truly scraping bottom; financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. From the first newsletter and enclosed check I cried because someone had finally reached out and shown my three children and me, that there are truly good Jewish people who care about us and have not forgotten us. …Once again, whoever you are, please hug your children a little closer tonight when you tuck them in, so that they can appreciate how special you are. Whether you are male or female make sure you tell your spouse that one very lonely, humiliated, and tired single mother thinks you are a special human being, and has Hakoras Hatov for the untold chesed that you do.” — Esther T.


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