Thursday, July 01, 2004

A letter from a woman that we published in the Newsletter

(The following letters were sent to MARCH. The woman who wrote these letters gave us special permission to print them in the newsletter because she wanted to share her story. If you would like to share an inspirational experience of your own, please specify that your letter is for the Newsletter. No names will be printed. Enjoy!)

December 4, 2002
“Dear Wonderful Yiddishe Hearts:

I walked into my house yesterday to find another court order. I was much too sad to even feel devastated. What on earth does my husband want from me? Why can’t I just receive my get and be over with him?

I did not attend any parties this year. I was too embarrassed. This is what you get for taking upon yourself to learn Shmiras Haloshon every night. That people say the worst rumors about you. It is amazing how the rumors never cease to be created. And I hold my tongue because it is Loshon Horah.

In this horrid mood, I noticed a large white box in the hallway. It couldn’t be for me. Probably my neighbor receiving another catalogue order. She’s got a husband and money. I don’t envy her. In fact, I’m happy that people still smile these days. I don’t know why I even looked at the box to see what it is, but it was addressed to me. Who would send me such a box and what could be in there? I noticed the happy looking Chanuka stickers on the box. So someone wants to play the fool with me. No problem, I can handle anything by now.

Cautiously I started opening the box and wait! A huge box full of gifts and nosh and prizes! And I got a menorah too. Who cares if the menorah is for kids? I got to light my own menorah in my own home. No running to people and then eating something in their house to make it permissible for them to light for me. Thanks so much for the little chart with the brochos on it. It was the best part of the box. And I must say your newsletters really make me smile. I was so excited. I can’t remember the last time going to sleep without crying. Last night I did. I fell asleep like an angel and woke up refreshed for a change.

“Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day
that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”

To all of you out there at MARCH I want you to know that there is no greater feeling in the world than to know that someone cares. Being single and living alone I feel my world caving in on me most of the time. And then once a month someone sends me a piece of their heart and shows that they care. Whoever you are, Hashem should fulfill all your needs and together may we Zocheh to Bias HaMoshiach very soon.

Sincerely yours,

Half a Neshomah seeking its REAL other half ”

(When we initially received the above letter last year we were moved beyond words. We wanted to reach out and respond and let her know how much her strength and words simultaneously broke our hearts and greatly inspired us. Unfortunately, the letter was sent anonymously, with no return address. But her words lingered with us. Then a year later, we received the following letter.)

December 18, 2003
“Dear Wonderful Yiddishe Hearts,

It is now 12 months after my initial letter dated December 4, 2002. In that letter, I was too shy to identify myself, but I felt the need to let you know what joy you gave a broken soul. That letter was signed, “Half a Neshomah seeking it’s REAL other half.”

At that time I don’t think I was interested in the other half. I was a lost, broken soul living alone — alone in my apartment and alone in my sorrow and pain. I remember the excitement each month when I got your newsletter and especially your gift boxes. I would call my friend every month and ask her if I should cancel your newsletters because I had no children and didn’t feel I deserved it. I would tell my friend that she has a little girl to love and to hug and a reason to live, but I had none. In the summer, at a party, I won six porcelain dolls. My friends would play the game that I now had six little girls so I deserved to be enrolled in MARCH. It was only a game, but I would talk to these dolls because I had no one else in my empty apartment.

Dear friends at MARCH, my story is long, but I won’t burden you to read it. Now 12 months later, I owe you a big thank you. Now it is time to take me off your mailing list.


Now I have a request. Please don’t say no. Please understand me. I want to give others what you gave me. I want others to have the WANT to continue like you gave me that WANT. Please allow me to join your group in reaching out to others who feel like I felt. Please allow me to volunteer for your organization.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done. Someone asked me how I had the courage to get married a third time. I answered, “I only got married ONCE. I had a mock wedding, I had a major rehearsal, but married, I got only once.” Thanks for the chizuk and courage, and I actually did it!

With a heart full of thanks…”

(When we received this second letter we were overjoyed! What an amazing turn around! What remarkable strength to endure the despair and darkness. What astonishing courage to climb and overcome to happiness and light. A Hartziga Mazel Tov to this very special woman. We also would like to wish Mazel Tov to the numerous women who have recently gotten engaged or married. May you truly be surrounded with happiness, contentment and a Bais Neman B’Yisroel!)

* * *

Please know, that whatever situation we currently find ourselves in, no matter how daunting the road ahead may appear, things can turn around so quickly! Whether it’s a week, a month or a year, we can find ourselves surrounded by true Simcha and happiness! Teshuas Hashem truly is Keheref Ayin! A Chag Kosher Va’someach!

Until next time, have a wonderfully fantastic month of anticipating and creating happiness!

The Committee

“Believe it is possible to solve your problem.
Tremendous things happen to the believer.
So believe the answer will come.
It will.”


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